I Got You Babe!

When I was in college, I had a black toy poodle named Baby.  There were other dogs as I was growing up, but Babe was ALL MINE!  She was a great companion and got me through a lot of  the trials and tribulations associated with college life.  One of the things I appreciated most about her, was her ability to make me laugh.  I lived in a mobile home at the time and one of her favorite things was to start at one end of the trailer (in the kitchen) and run as fast as she could to the other end of the trailer.  There she would jump up on my bed and spin around.  She would then be off for the return leg of the trip to the kitchen.  Occasionally, she would make a minor deviation in the pattern by running into the bathroom, jumping into the bathtub, spinning around several times and then continuing on with the normal pattern.  It was hilarious and a true delight to watch her enthusiasm.  You would have thought that she was participating in the Olympics!  One evening I had run a bath.  Babe took off on her usual tear.

When she took the deviation to the bathroom, she landed smack dab in the bath water!  Needless to say, she froze in place and that was the end of that evening’s rampage!  You could almost see her thinking, “What the heck???”

I was in college during the time that macrame hangers were in style.  I had purchased a VERY inexpensive one to hand a gold fish bowl containing a black, bug-eyed fish I had bought.  I had been to class and when I returned, Baby greeted me at the door with a 5 inch shard of glass in her mouth!  She was quite proud of her treasure.  The macrame hanger had given way and dropped the bowl to the floor during my absence.  The bowl was history and so was the fish, but fortunately, Babe was fine.  Another time I had visited my parents for the weekend.  I got back just in time to get ready for class.  In my rush, I left my overnight case open in the bathroom on the floor.  When I returned from class, Babe greeted me at the door again.  This time with a lip gloss mustache and beard!  In my absence, she had gotten into the overnight case and found the “pot” of lip gloss.  She looked so funny!  (Think America’s Funniest Home Videos when the baby has lipstick all over her face and denies having been playing in Mom’s makeup!)

Dogs provide so much joy in our lives.  I am so thankful that Baby was a part of mine.  She also was the mother of the next dog that entered my life, Muffie.  Babe crossed the Rainbow Bridge many, many years ago and yet she can still bring a smile to my face.  Friends can do that, can’t they?

For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.

Roger Caras, president emeritus, ASPCA


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