I was there the night Muffie was born.

She was one of the black ones

She was one of the black ones

I was there when she first opened her eyes and as she took her first steps.  When she was old enough, I took her home with me.  It was my first job after graduating from college.  I had a job, an apartment, and a dog.  Life was good! Being a toy poodle, she was a quite small.  She took after her mom, Baby and was pitch black.  Her hair had gotten quite long and was actually quite straight.  On her first visit to the vet, I had to laugh as the vet asked if I was sure she was a poodle?!  I assured him she was.

As she got older, her hair got curlier and turned silver.  She was a petite, beautiful little thing.  The first few months were spent with me, but not around other dogs.  On our first trip back to visit our parents (hers and mine), she was taken by surprise by the noise of the other dogs barking!  I hadn’t really thought about it before that moment, but up until then, she hadn’t heard another dog bark!  Because of that she hadn’t barked herself and it really shocked her.  She was a fast learner, though, and from that point on she had no hesitancy of joining in the ruckus!

When she was a couple of years old, we moved into a new house.  One afternoon I came home to find that she had gotten hold of a box of staples–the little ones for those miniature staplers.  In a panic I called the vet, fearing she might have swallowed some of the staples.  He calmly told me to feed her some bread.  He said she probably hadn’t actually swallowed anything, but if she had, the bread would help her pass them.  I don’t know whether she had swallowed any or not, but she lived another 13 years, so it didn’t affect her much!

Muff as an adult

Muff as an adult

The house we had moved in to had more lower cabinets than upper.  As a result I had stored some food items in the lower cabinets.  Upon returning one evening, I was welcomed by Muffie, who was quite proud of her decorating  job.  She had gotten into the lower cabinets and found a bag of potato chips.  She had proceeded to spread them throughout the house.  No room was immune!  Apparently, she had a “very good time”!   Ahhhh…memories!  I smile as  remember it now, but as I recall, I wasn’t quite as amused when I was cleaning up all those little pieces of potato chips!

Muffie and I had a lot of good years together.  One night the doorbell rang at about 3:00 in the morning.  I was alone in the house with only Muffie to protect me from whoever was at the door.  When I looked through the peekhole, I saw a man I didn’t know, dressed all in black, standing of the other side.  Muff bravely barked and apparently that was good enough to convince the man to move on.  A friend later advised me that it might be a good idea to get a bigger dog.  As luck would have it, I did exactly that not too long afterward.

Muff suffered from epilepsy her entire life.  I had her spayed when she was about 6 months old as I didn’t want to contribute to passing the malidy on to another generation.  Despite her disease, she was a faithful companion and lived a long, happy life.  She died in my arms.  I miss her a lot…

A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.

Bob Barker



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