Kassie…the early months

Kassie3 Mom asked me to cover for her today.  She is trying to clean the house, so…. I decided I would tell you a little about my early months!

I was born in New York and when I was eight weeks old, my mom flew there and picked me up.  I spent my first night with my mom in a motel!  This is me on the bed!  I was afraid that it was going to be really scary, but it wasn’t!  Mom and I cuddled, and played.  She ordered something called Chinese food.  She wouldn’t let me have any, but it smelled good.  Mom got up during the night and let me go out to potty.  She only had to scold me one time for starting to chew on a cord.  I didn’t do it anymore.  We had a really good time!  baby Kassie on bed

kassie on bed2kassie on bed3

I really like motels!  🙂

Kassie in carrierMom had brought along a special suitcase so that I could ride with her in the plane to go to my new home.  It was kind of a tight fit even then, and mom says that we won’t ever be using that again for me!  The trip to my new home in New Mexico was hot!  The airplane people made my mom stick my special suitcase under the seat.  It was right by the heater and since it was February, they had it on.  I cried because I wanted to get out and be with my mom, but they wouldn’t let her take me out.  She kept her hand in the suitcase as much as she could and fed me ice cubes.  When we finally got home, I had to potty really bad!!!!  But, I had been a good girl and hadn’t made a mess in my special suitcase, so my mom was really proud of me!

I was really glad to get to my new home.  We had snow not too long after that.  It was the first time I had  been  in the snow in New Mexico.  This is me in the snow. kassie playing in the snow I liked playing in it and getting it on my face. snow angel I made a snow angel—like it? I really loved playing in the snow!cutekassie in snow

I had my very own bowls and toys and my own special place for my bed in my new house.  It was great!baby Kassie in crate

At my new home, I had two new sisters.  They were WAY  Ebbie and Kassie in the snowbigger than the brothers and sisters I had had in New York!  They even kinda liked me!

Chips and Kassie

I had lots of jobs at my new house…..

I helped mom with the laundry….  kassie on clothes

And I helped her pick up around the house…stole aunties shoes see????    kassie and the door stop

I even helped with the shopping!Kassie at Petsmart

Yep! Those early months were really great!  Next time mom lets me fill in for her, I’ll tell you about the trip we took to Louisville, Kentucky!  Talk to you later!  pawprint



2 Responses

  1. Great story! Kassie was definitely a cute puppy. Too bad she doesn’t let me see her now!

    • Hi, Scott! Thanks! That’s my picture at the top of my blog today. If you’ d like to know more about me, click on By Kassie in the Category Cloud. That will show all of my posts and pictures! I’m really glad you came by! –Kassie

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