Chips Ahoy!

Chips closeupChips entered my life in the wee hours of a brisk, October night. I was happily snoozing away, when I was suddenly awakened by the frightened howls and whimpers of puppies! Someone (in their infinite irresponsibility) had dumped four puppies in my driveway. The poor babies were scared to death and totally confused by their new environment. I rushed outside in my bare feet and pajamas to collect the four. It was no easy task in the dark. They were all over the place—under the car, under the steps and generally attempting to not be caught by this human they didn’t know. I brought them into the house and once they had formed a puppy pile, they settled down and I went back to sleep.

In the morning, I realized it was going to now be my responsibility to find homes for these innocent little souls. After several days of trying, I was able to find a home for one. I took two to the Humane Association and I kept Chips. I chose Chips out of the four because she was the one that the other puppies seemed to pick on. She was the underdog and I had a soft spot for her.

Her name was a continuation on a theme. Since I already had Oreo, another cookie name seemed appropriate—hence Chips Ahoy, Chips for short. She proved to be a wonderful addition to the family, with amazing “Egyptian Eyes”. She has always been a bit of a “blonde” though. Of course, in all fairness, Oreo was such an intelligent dog, that any dog would probably have seemed a little bit “dingy”.It was quite evident that whoever had had the puppies initially, had done absolutely no house training. It took a while, but we finally conquered the obstacle.

She has always been a gentle, kind soul. She is definitely NOT an Alpha personality. She has never been submissive to the point of peeing on the floor, she just has always seemed to content to let others take the lead.

As I look at her now, I realize how the years have taken their toll. As a young dog, she was athletic and anxious to be involved in everything. Today, she spends most of her time wedged between the couch and the coffee table. They provide protection from Kassie when she gets a bit too rambunctious. These days, it is difficult for her to get up, but she always manages to make it to the door to greet visitors. She still gets up to go outside and will come to get her dinner—although many times I serve her “breakfast in bed” so she doesn’t have to get up. Her eyes are still bright and her ears perk up at the slightest sound. It is obvious that she is still aware of and interested in what is going on around her. But her gait is stiff and I fear she is in a great deal of pain.

I know that time is slowing running out. I have never had to actually make the decision to end a pet’s life. Muff had a heart attack in my arms and Oreo died of bloat before I could get her to the vet. It is not a decision I look forward to, but I know it is coming…. I have done research on the subject and intellectually, I know what to consider to make the decision. I’ll share that article one of these days. But, the truth is, when emotions are involved; when it is someone that has been a constant companion for so many years, the decision is an extraordinarily difficult one. Perhaps, the reason that it is so hard, is that it simply isn’t the right time. It will be someday, but not today. We still have time…

I love you, Chips.



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