Kassie Speaks!

Kassie on couch2Woohoo!  Mom asked me to write another article, so thought I’d tell you about our other trip.  It was pretty amazing!  I got to see a lot of really neat things!  There also were some things that weren’t quite so fun, but I’m passed all that now [yeah, right!]

Anyway, let me tell you about it…

The first day we drove to Dallas with Mom’s really good friend.  They had plans to go to something called a musical.  They said it was called Wicked.  I guess it must have been pretty good, cause they were really happy when they got back!

The next day, Mom and I drove to Louisville, Kentucky.  Actually, Mom drove and I rode.  Mom made me sit in the back seat with a special set belt.  That was OK, though, cause that way I had plenty of space to stretch out and sleep.

When we go to Louisville, we got to stay in another motel. Mom had brought along a special blanket for me to sleep on.  In Louisville, we went to the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty Show.  There were lots and lots of dogs just like me.  And there were lots and lots of people.  I liked the little people the best. Kassie and little girlKassie and little boy2Kassie and some more little people I had my picture taken with lots of them.  This is me at the Specialty.  P5110193We saw dogs do all kinds of stuff.  They did what they call conformation.  That looked pretty boring to me.  We saw dogs doing agility.  Looked like a lot of work!  And we even saw some dogs do freestyle.  That’s where they dance with their human.  Now, that looked like it could be fun…

We met some really nice people.

After a couple of days, we headed to St. Louis.  We met my Auntie there and she went with us on the rest of the trip.  This is my Mom and me  by the Missouri River. P5130200Do you see that statue in the background?  I thought he was going to drown!

We saw the town where Mark Twain lived

Mark Twain Museum

and a covered bridge.  covered bridge2


We got to go to the town where they invented Blue Bunny Ice Cream—YUM!


And we saw a building that was covered with corn cobs!

We went to Mt. Rushmore and we went to the Black Hills!  This is Mom’s favorite picture of me!Kassie at the Black Hills

We saw some little white things called prairie dogs and some big things called buffaloes.  P5170330We even had to stop to let a whole bunch of them cross the road.

We saw lots of things on our trip, but the best thing we saw was my sisters when we got home!

As much fun as it was, I told Mom we could wait a while before we took another trip.  And so far…we have !



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