Three Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t Get a Dog

You are considering getting a dog.  Why?  If one of these is your reason, you need to reconsider.

1.  You want a dog for protection

Some people get dogs for security, forgetting that dogs are living, breathing creatures with feelings.  Dogs which are relegated to the backyard as security instead of being integrated into the family are often unsocialized and aggressive.  These are not good situations for getting a dog.  In fact, these dogs are more likely to attack and cause problems for their owners with neighbors and with law enforcement.  If you are not in a position to offer a dog a genuine home, with human interaction, you should not get a dog.  A security system is a better alternative than getting a dog solely for protection.

2. Your kids need a toy

Sometimes parents get a dog for the kids, hoping that the dog will babysit them or entertain them.  This is not a good idea either.  Dogs aren’t toys.  You should only get your kids a dog if they really want one and are able to understand that the dog is a real, living creature.  A dog should be welcomed by everyone in the family.  And you should know before you get any dog that no matter what the kids say, you, the adults, will have to be ultimately responsible for its feeding and care.  Bringing a dog home makes him part of your family.  He’s not a toy or something to add to the décor.

3.  You’re going to make lots of money breeding your dog!

There are many wonderful breeders in the world who are devoted to improving their breeds.  There are also many hardworking, licensed commercial breeders who breed healthy dogs for people because there is a demand for purebred dogs.  Unfortunately, there are also some people who think they can make a lot of money breeding dogs just because they have a male and a female.  Good breeders may have spent many years with their breed and know all about it, both its strengths and weaknesses.  They have animals that have been through health testing to make sure they are sound for breeding.  There are numerous expenses associated with good breeding that the novice doesn’t usually know about.  It probably seems like it would be easy to make money at breeding dogs – until your female requires a cesarean section in the middle of the night to save the puppies or you start adding up how much puppy shots for nine puppies cost, or how much it costs to raise a litter for eight weeks, not to mention stud fees.  If a breeder tries to do things the right way (including health testing), you can quickly see that breeding can be very expensive.  If you want a pet then don’t think about breeding him or her for profit.  That’s a very bad reason to get a dog and it’s not something you want to go through with your pet.

There are lots of good reasons for getting a pet.  The reasons listed above aren’t on the list.  Make sure your reason for getting a dog is a good one and that you have the time to commit to your new relationship!


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