How to Treat a Dog Bite

I think the information in this video is really important.  However, he fails to mention that it is really important to make sure to check with your doctor as you may need a  tetanus booster shot.

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Tips for Handling a Dog Bite:   What You Should Do if You Experience a Dog Bite


Just in Time for Halloween!

Halloween Hide a Toy Pumpkin

Give your dogs more to do on Halloween than bark at trick-or-treaters. Now they can have a treat of their own — plush Halloween toys.

Challenge your dogs with these unique, interactive toys!  They will have hours of fun and at the same time sharpen their cognitive skills!  The durable design and excellent craftsmanship guarantees hours of puzzle solving fun!

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It’s a Dog’s Life!

You know, sometimes I wish I could be a dog–especially if I could be as happy as these dogs seem to be!

Saturday Morning Surprise!

west toilet paper fun

Safe Dog Tips: Panties

On Animal Training

My most satisfying aspect of animal training is a very simple moment. After a show when I leave the stage door… and there is a crowd gathered, sometimes I hear someone say the following and it makes it all worthwhile. “How did they make that dog do that?” I smile because I am the only “they” and I do it with love.

William Berloni, dog trainer, about transforming a severely abused dog from the pound into Sandy in the Broadway production of Annie.

I Need a D-O-G!