Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

While much has been written about using Bach Flowers on humans, these remedies are also presented in connection to animal behaviour.
It can be considered that Bach Flower Remedies are to the emotional body what Homeopathics are to the physical body. The Bach Flowers resonate with the emotional body to re-establish balance and harmony in the physical body.
Bach Flower Remedies are gentle and non-toxic.  They can be used alone or to supplement any form of medicine without negatively effecting them.  They can work surprisingly quickly, sometimes with only a single use. The most common observation however, is a gradual change over 2 to 4 weeks.  Bach Flower should not be used as a replacement for veterinary care, rather it should be used as an addition to the total approach to the health and well being of your pet.
The remedy can be given by mouth, which is the most effective method. Only a few drops ( 4 to 8 ) are necessary, and need not be swallowed.
The most common forms of administering the Remedies are placing them into the animal’s food or water; dropping them directly into the animal’s mouth; or rubbing the needed remedies on one’s hands before petting them.

There is no improper or wrong method of applying the Bach Remedies.

Just a few drops  (4 to 8 ) at a time are sufficient. For serious or acute conditions the remedy can be given as often as needed, even every few minutes. For most behavioral problems , you can give 3 to 4 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks. If the response is reached by that time, you may begin to decrease the dosage gradually.
The beauty of the essences, to me, is their simplicity. No matter where you are in your work with animals, the essences will always help. It can be as simple as just using Rescue Remedy®, say, to spray on feral cats in traps, or putting in the food and water of a nervous, frightened shelter dog. It is also most helpful for your own pets prior to vet trips or any stressful situation.
Essences are safe, effective and non-toxic.  Essences are a healthy addition to the overall well being of your pet.
by:Vicki Sutkowski, CMP
For the Love of Hope Canine Massage and Stretching


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  1. Thank you so much, Vicki! I really appreciate you taking time to contribute an article to my blog! I am sure it will be helpful to people!

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