In the Face of Danger

Just watched an excellent 4-minute film called In the Face of Danger.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you might too!  Danger is the dog’s name, by the way.  I don’t know what Danger’s “checkered past” is, but I think he is a GREAT dog!  Mr. Schaffer and Danger seem to have a great relationship.  You can tell that they really love each other!  It was filmed in the Santa Fe /Los Alamos area (Yeah, NM!) by Allison Otto and the Serac Adventure Film School , and features Outside magazine senior editor Grayson Schaffer’s attempts to teach his dog Danger to become a search and rescue dog for the Los Alamos Mountain Canine Corps.   The short form film is available online now on the OutsideK9 website.   Danger

In the Face of Danger


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