Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day to recognize those who have or are currently serving their country by serving in the military.  Both my parents proudly served in the military during WWII. My Mother was an Army nurse, caring for injured soldiers over seas.  My Father, a sergeant, was stationed in England.  Now, they are both buried in the National Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM.   Whether you support the current actions or not, it is imperative that we recognize and support the young men and women that currently serve.  God bless them all–past and present–for the jobs they do and have done!

This blog is dedicated to our four legged friends.  They, too, have served in the military.

For nearly a century, an estimated 100,000 dogs have served in the United States military, doing jobs in explosive and mine detection, tracking, and scouting. Dogs have carried messages and stood watch as sentries. Early on, dogs were donated by the civilian population in order to fill military needs. Later they were specially bred for the job. Dogs have served all over Europe, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, and today, are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For more information on the contribution dogs have made to the military, check out this article!   Military Working Dog History

A Touching Video

For more information on the National War Dog Monument, go to their website:

National War Dog Monument


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