This Seems Like a “No-Brainer”, But It Doesn’t Happen Very Often

What an amazing idea!  One of those–“Why didn’t I think of that?” kind of ideas.  This article tells about the Central Peninsula Hospital that has a Family Pet Visitation Policy!  Someone there has the insight and compassion to realize that to some patients, their animals are their family and that seeing that family can make the patient feel better and help in the healing process.  No special training is needed, the pet (dogs and cats only) must be on a leash or in a kennel, clean, washed and groomed and in good health with current vaccination records from a veterinarian.  They also must prove that they are not aggressive, hyperactive or difficult to control by the designated caretaker.

As someone who has only canine children, I hope that should I ever be hospitalized, I will be lucky enough to be in a hospital like this one!

To read the entire article go to: Canine Companion


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