Blame the Deed, Not the Breed


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  1. This is something i have railed about for years. It is NOT the fault of the breed, the blame rests squarely on the heads of (not ignorant, but STUPID) rednecks and their counterparts in other ethnic communities.
    Beautiful animals which have been adopted by the ‘tough’ crowd to signify their machismo. Is this one way they make up for other deficiencies in their pathetic and miserable lives.
    Their training (or lack thereof) of these and other large breed dogs is then held up by other uneducated or control-minded people as evidence of the breed’s propensity for viciousness.
    How many times do we hear of little old ladies and their little “foo-foo” that no one can go near because it has been so lovingly trained by little “Aunt Gertrude”.
    Who is going to say that this little Pomeranian should be banned? It will attack with the same viciousness and ferocity as a large breed dog who has been trained by it’s moron owner.
    Do not misunderstand me: dogs are territorial and will fight to the death to protect those who they love. But it takes a lot of training to teach them to attack those who are not a threat to them or their loved ones.
    All the idiots who think that being the lead segment on “Cops” with their Pit, Rot, Dobie… by their side as they are carted away crying about how “he neva hert no one bafo in his life” only need look at how THEY trained the dog to act in the first place.

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