I Need a Helper Like THIS!!!


Latin Dancer!

Looking for a Unique Gift?

This unique pendant is personally hand-glazed, titled and signed by artist Laura Seeley.  Popular with pet owners who love and seek out original art work, each pendant is 1 3/8″ tall and 1 1/4″ wide and comes with a keepsake gift pouch.  Multiple designs are available in square and rectangle shapes.  To see all our designs, go to: Pendants

The Highlander, Rottweiler

Looking for a great gift for the Rottweiler lover in your life?  Using just colored pencils, Gemma Gylling captures amazingly lifelike images of dogs. Available on a variety of products, including quality tees, sweatshirts, and nightshirts (one size fits all, white only), her realistic animal portraits will display your love for the breed. Choose from either White or Natural apparel colors. Sizes are sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Get yours at www.dogloverheaven.com

Adopt a Virtual Pet!

Check these out!  These are the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time!  You can adopt a puppy or a kitten!  They play, you can pet them, you can even breed them (without adding to the overpopulation problem)!  They are really adorable!  Check them out at:  FooPet.com


Halloween Devil Dog!

devil dogJust in time for Halloween!!

Size:  Approximately 2 1/2″ tall

Being a perfect angel every day IS asking a lot of your dog.  One day they are man’s best friend, and another day…well…  “Hottest” selling Devils will leave you with one “burning” question…”How do I buy more?”

Available in over 200 breeds!

Get yours for only $9.95!


Just in Time for Halloween!

Halloween Hide a Toy Pumpkin

Give your dogs more to do on Halloween than bark at trick-or-treaters. Now they can have a treat of their own — plush Halloween toys.

Challenge your dogs with these unique, interactive toys!  They will have hours of fun and at the same time sharpen their cognitive skills!  The durable design and excellent craftsmanship guarantees hours of puzzle solving fun!

These and more at:     www.dogloverheaven.com