Today is Amelia Earhart Day

Courage never hesitates

Amelia’s pet dog, James Ferocious was a constant childhood companion, smothered with affection by both her and her sister. James Ferocious, however, was not particularly friendly to strangers, so was kept tied to a shed. One afternoon, some neighborhood boys passed by the fence where James Ferocious was resting. As was his nature, James Ferocious instinctively growled at the boys. Noticing the animal was tied in place, the boys began to tease the dog. James Ferocious became infuriated, and upon breaking free from his dog chain, took after the perpetrators — the boys climbing atop the shed for safety.

Amelia was awakened from her afternoon nap by the commotion — hearing the boys’ screams for help, and her infuriated dog’s barking. Amelia’s father had taught her to “never run away,” and she instinctively acted upon it. Amelia immediately walked to the center of her yard and called to her dog, scolding him in a firm, loving voice for having tipped over his water dish. James Ferocious reluctantly came to Amelia’s outstretched hand, as she calmed the dog with her touch and led him inside the kitchen.

Even with her dog’s enraged state, Amelia firmly stood her ground and spoke in a confident tone — saving her from becoming the brunt of her pet’s rage. When asked later by her mother if she was scared, Amelia replied, “There wasn’t any time to be afraid.”

Amelia Earhart

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