Happy 54th, Disneyland!!

disneyOn July 17, 1955, 6,000 by-invitation-only guests were invited for a special preview of Disneyland before it opened to the public the following day. Unfortunately, 22,000 extra people arrived with counterfeit tickets.

Besides the huge numbers of extra people on this first day, many other things went wrong. Included in the problems were a heat wave that made the temperature unusually and unbearably hot, a plumber’s strike meant only a few of the water fountains were functional, women’s shoes sunk into still soft asphalt which had been laid the night before, and a gas leak caused several of the themed areas to be closed temporarily.

Despite these initial setbacks, Disneyland opened to the public on July 18, 1955, with an entrance fee of $1. Over the decades, Disneyland has added attractions and opened the imaginations of millions of children.

By: Jennifer Rosenberg–About.com

$1! !?!!

Oh… for the good old days….At any rate, here is a list of movies by Disney that have dogs as lead characters!  Can you think of any I missed??? Continue reading