To Breed or Not to Breed

What Will My Future Be?

What will my future be

Today I have posted a page of dogs giving birth.  It is my sincere hope that anyone considering allowing their dog to give birth in order to allow their children to witness the miracle of birth, will instead, view and discuss these videos with their children.  While there is no doubt that puppies are wonderful to have around, they eventually have to find new homes.  That is not always an easy thing to do.  Puppies that don’t find homes end up in shelters.  If they don’t find homes there, they are ultimately destroyed.  There are so many wonderful dogs out there, dogs that need and deserve homes.  Please don’t be responsible for adding to the problem.  Instead, consider adopting, raising and loving one of the dogs that is already here.  There is a wonderful article that is worth checking out if you still have some doubts.  You’ll find it here.